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    I am recently getting around to posting my THAC entry in the Post and Review section. It is a parody of medievel plotlines. The link follows: … _crazy.avi



    C’mon, it’s not that weird, is it? Don’t all comment at once. I mean, I wouldn’t like to be swamped in comments. Help! It’s started already! I’m drowning! I’m — aaauuuggghhh! 😯



    This isn’t a chat room. We’re not going to all post as soon as you do. That movie was… not fun to watch. I had no idea what they were saying. Maybe it was my compy… or bad compression, but this movie didn’t only sound bad, the animation was very jerky. Not to mention the dragon’s head kept going after he was done talking. Keep trying… I see potential.




    Okay, okay!

    First off, the forums aren’t like a chat room. Don’t get frustrated if your topics aren’t swarming with replies within the hour. You have to be patient.

    As far as your film goes, meh, it wasn’t bad. Not great, but I’ve seen much worse in first (?) films. Animation and sound quality could use a bit of work, but kind of funny, though 😉

    Keep on making films, Mr. Boyle.




    Ah, the dragon one. The joke was good, but the constant flickering bothered me. You need to set white balance to manual. Additionally, work on your microphone quality, it took me a bit to understand what they were saying.



    Pffft … hur, hur, hur. I know this isn’t a chat room. It’s just I posted way, way earlier. As for the quality of the mic, what do you expect when the film has to be rendered with such a small filesize as to be practically garbled? Thanks for the comments, though.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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