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    The Duke

    Presenting the latest film from Black Falcon Studios and High Tower Films, our entry for the Twenty Four Hour Animation Contest, “Negotiations.”

    Small Version

    Larger Version

    A couple of things you need to know before you watch: There are two sound effects missing, one is a punch and one is a snapping sound. So when you see somebody doing one of those gestures and you don’t hear anything, just use your imagination. And another thing, there is only music on the opening credits. I had planned on doing music for the whole thing, but alas, there was not time. Animation of a certain part of this movie took a little longer than I expected. Anyway, we hope you enjoy this film, and let us know what you think!



    Good story and all. Animation was good. 15FPS I think? Nice sword fight, that was a very well animated scene.

    The only problem, I’ll point out is the voices were sometimes muffled and hard to understand, at times.

    But besides that. Nice job, Duke and High Tower.


    Matt Gillan

    First of all, the credits all together were longer than my whole THAC film. Secondly that sword fight was very dull.

    Good points, animation and the set.

    Not bad for a THAC.



    Nice sword fight guys!

    I wish I could do a sword fight like that because that was just way cool.

    Interesting movie and a good effort. There were a lot of titles but I guess that you needed them to explain the situation.

    See ya,
    Ryan : )



    “Matt Gillan” wrote: that sword fight was very dull.

    I agree.

    I think it need more sound. But the animation and the picture qualty was da bomb.

    Good Job



    High Tower

    I think it need more sound. But the animation and the picture qualty was da bomb.

    Well, that’s the whole porpose of this contest right? ANIMATION.



    The Duke

    Yes it needed more sound, especially music. But as I said, I ran out of time.

    As for the swordfight, maybe it was a bit dull, but I didn’t have a whole lot of time to choreograph it. It took about 5 hours or more to animate that segment, so I didn’t really have a whole lot of time to plan. I just watched it again, and yeah I can see where you’re coming from, but when compared to other brickfilmed swordfights, is it really that bad? And I’m kind of excluding lightsaber fights, because they look cool no matter what the choreography is like. Also take into consideration the time limit.

    As for the voices, I admit that the mixing was not very good. Unfortunately, I had nothing to do with that process, because there are a lot of things that I think I would have been able to fix. I was just trying to get the fight done and write the music, so I had to leave all the mixing to HT. Not to pass the blame to you, bro, but you know how it is.



    I thought this one was pretty good. The quality was excellent, and I liked the voice acting. The mustach/longhair dude had a pretty good voice. Fitting. As for the sword fight, it may not’ve been the most exciting one, but it was well animated and choreographed. (bit fast, but well done otherwise). I know from experience what making legos fight is like and you did a decent job. 😉



    Not quite. There are actually 4 categories a film is judged on.


    [spoiler=The Review]It was a good film with the usually THAC flaws. Animation was quite good considering the time frame it was made in (I loved the animation for the “And YOU know it!” line). Sound design was good, minus the missing sounds you mentioned, but the punch sound effect was way too loud. The story, although predictable, was more well rounded than a few other entries here. The fight was great.

    I loved the awesome zoom in on the “Let’s do it” line. Was that a digital zoom or something? It was almost like a perspective/dolly zoom.

    One of my top 5 favorites of the contest. Great job![/spoiler]



    The Duke

    Thanks, MG. I appreciate everyone’s comments. Keep them coming!

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