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    David West

    The 24 Hour Animation Contest has begun. All important information on this page is in blue. Anything not blue is unimportant to the competition. Red text concerns film submission and frequently asked questions. If you all ready understand the rules, there is no need to read red text. Please do not post in this thread, keep all contest related questions in the other thread.

    You have exactly 24 hours from the time on this post to complete your film.

    The Mod element is the letter “N”. The lowercase version, “n”, is also allowed.

    The Theme is general, you can do whatever you want.

    Submit your films to [email protected]. Include the names of everyone who worked on the film and a link to the small version of your film (3mb per minute and 320 x 240 resolution or less).

    If you need hosting, send me an email at [email protected].

    The mod element MUST be included in EVERY FRAME of your film excluding those that are completely computer generated (basic credits, etc.). If your credits include video or pictures, the mod element must be visible there as well.

    Check the official rules for answers to all of your rule related questions.

    Any problems that you have or questions that are not answered in this post or the official rules can be sent to [email protected].

    I know a lot of you are probably scratching your heads at the choice of the theme. I’d never wanted to have a theme in the first place. Given all the other restrictions, I thought that people should at least have full control over their story. I said that the theme wouldn’t be announced until now in hopes that it might to some extent keep people from coming up with ideas solely for this contest. You might say “But people can just use ideas that they’ve already come up with now!” Well, I guess you’re right, but it would have happened even if there was a specific theme. Half the films in brickfilms contests don’t follow the theme very well at all, and you have to really stretch it to figure out how it fits the theme. As it is, keeping the theme secret may not have done much, but its better than nothing.

    I am incredibly sorry for posting late, my alarm clock didn’t go off.



    NICE!! *Dave starts*





    Just, w00t. Nothing more.



    the theme is “general”?

    That seems a bit uncreative 😕



    So it begins…




    good luck all.



    I’m so excited! All these animators working at the SAME time all around the globe!




    “David West” wrote: Please do not post in this thread, keep all contest related questions in the other thread.




    Spellcheck your email address in the post, David.

    -Nos, shutting up



    I’m jumpin’ into action!

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