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    I would have posted here sooner, but I had trouble registering on the site. But as I see it, there will still be some time between now and when they announce the winners. 😀



    actually, you’ve missed the THAC contest by two weeks, I think.
    Did you know that THAC stands for Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest?



    so……….. where’s the film?



    So, are you Jason Boyle?



    I had trouble while trying to create an account on Brickfilms, so I’m late in posting my film IN the post and review forum. I would have earlier but couldn’t. I’m Sorry about not posting the link, and don’t know how I could have forgot it. Here is the link: … thief5.avi 😳



    And yes, I AM indeed Jason Boyle. :mrgreen:



    Ah, welcome.

    As for your film: Animation needs work, but it was funny to watch. Work on white balance and mike quality as well.

    /me thinks this is some folklore…or a well written story.

    Will the other Boyles be posting their work?



    Thanks. I came up with the story idea on the spot.

    And Yes, my brothers will be posting their films as soon as they can.



    Hey welcome to the site, Mr. Boyle 🙂

    As far as your film goes, the animation needs more work (higher framerate), but the story is well put together.

    [spoiler]The ending was probably the best part of it. Didn’t see it coming :oops:[/spoiler]

    Not a bad job! Keep on filming 😀

    -MindGame Who had a THAC entry as well.



    When I watched this movie I had a hard time paying attention because the N was far to overbearing, to be honest I really could not say what it was about after I finished it.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 13 total)

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