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    B-Squared and I made this film

    Please do not download this version see this thread for the extended cut I’m only leaving these copies for people interested in seeing the difference.

    Quicktime 7, 7.16MB (recomended)
    Windows Media Player, 6.93MB
    Old Quicktime, 2.26MB

    This was one of the best ideas we have had for a long time and we were not able to do everything we wanted to in 24hrs. A better cut will follow later with around 30-40 seconds more animation, better sounds, and speacal effects.



    Looks good, I’m downloading now. Review momentarily.

    EDIT: Either I’m really tired or that made no sense. I’ll revisit this film (and the thread) after some sleep. Good animation though, and several funny bits.



    I’ll have to look at this one later, but I like the way you did the headlights in the poster.


    Matt Gillan

    I didn’t really understand it. There were too many aerial shots. Animation was good. Overall alright.



    That, was fun to watch. Nice job Sloth.

    But, I didn’t see the letter E in everyframe.



    We’ll get a higher quality version up and you can play hunt for the E’s

    Sorry for everyone that was confused, unlike Radioactive B-Movie will will add some animation that ties everything together better, we just had a hard time getting everything we wanted in 24 hours.


    I was confused. what exactly… happened…




    Clever. Very clever…



    The second cut really will make sense and won’t be so random and confusing. Too bad this wasn’t a 48 hour animation contest.



    A hitchhiker’s guide to True Love Waits

    [spoiler]When we started shooting True Love Waits (about 10:00, when THAC started at 5:00) we did not want it to befall the same fate as Radioactive B-Movie (don’t have enough time to film the climax so we make something stupid up). WARNING: this is about as spoilery as spoilers can get.

    I’ll describe basically what happened in the film. It starts off with a false romantic opening, but due to lack of time you can’t see the ‘damage’ the girl is talking about. That shot was not supposed to be the opening shot though. In Evergreen Park the guy turns into a Pirate and the car turns into a pirate ship. Cut to the cops, there are supposed to be another scene with the cops but it was cut due to time, but the cops arrive to see the pirate attacking the city in a flying pirate ship (we were going to have a shot of the ship flying into the moon but it got cut) Clearly the only way to shoot down a pirate ship is to ‘catapult it down’ (does that make everyone that whined about the lame Robot Turkey ending happy?) After the Russian policed chief is bitten by the ware-pirate a UFO comes down and brings AN END to the madness.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 16 total)

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