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    I didnt do any video for the documentary. But I kept a log of my day.

    320×240 – 2MB

    640×480 – 4MB

    6:15 Woke up; Checked the web boards; showered; grabbed a soda
    7:00 Checked brickfilms. No theme posted yet. 😡
    7:30 Theme posted.. General. 😐
    8:38 Finished dismantling my previous set.
    9:09 Left for the store. I cant seem to find any tape to secure the set.
    9:28 I have returned from the store. Along with some tape I picked up my animation powaa in the form of Hot Tamales and Diet Vanilla Pepsi.

    10:30 Finished setting up the set, starting to “record” the voices.
    12:30 Finished my second can of soda, the whole box of Tamales, and the voices are done for the most part. There are a few sound effects I will need to finish later.
    1:37 The first “scene” is in the can. About 200 frames raw.
    4:49 I have 3 scenes animated. There is a 4th that I dont care much for.
    6:15 Finished the ending.

    With only 45 minutes till I need to start getting ready for dinner, I’m gonna see if I can get a couple of these edited then hopefully resume after dinner.

    7:51 Shutting down for a few hours. Heading for the shower, eating dinner, and going downtown for a couple of hours. I plan on returning around 2am-ish.

    3:36 aaaand we’re baaaack! I am hitting the ole Premiere to edit what I have animated. I am tired.

    6:50 Finished. Clocking in at 1:11 including credits. All files are uploaded and emails sent per contest instructions.




    [spoiler]It was quite random. Not to say it was bad, of course. I laughed my @## off at the Darth Vader doing NOOOOOOOO.[/spoiler]



    “BertL” wrote: 😀

    [spoiler]It was quite random. Not to say it was bad, of course. I laughed my @## off at the Darth Vader doing NOOOOOOOO.[/spoiler]

    I didn’t see DV doing that. Did miss it? Nice entry by the way Dan.



    [spoiler]A few random shots, but each of them has a rather funny punchline. I like the black-and-white style.[/spoiler]




    Uh…I really don’t know what to say.

    A few of the animation looked a bit jerky.


    Shadow the Rebel

    I love the set. Great idea using a real picture.

    Random, yes, but it’s funny and the camera quality is nice.

    Good job.



    [spoiler]well it was ok i guess nothing special though[/spoiler]



    The dude above me is lame, I liked it, specially how you hide the letter N so carefully.

    Comment mine




    Well… not too bad, but it was a bit too random. The ending was a nice touch though.



    Wow, that was totally random…but funny.
    Darth was my favorite.
    The backgrounds rock. 8)

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