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    I didn’t realize until now some of the errors I’ve made with my entry

    [spoiler]i.e. a missing line and some easily avoided flicker.[/spoiler] … pless.rmvb

    It’s called Sleepless, but I never titled it in the animation, so we’ll just call it Untitled.

    I’ve post a higher quality version with the kinks fixed later on.

    Here they are
    rmvb 3.43 MB
    wmv 9.99 MB



    A few more sound effects would have made this a very good film. There just isn’t enough animation to carry it all by itself.

    [spoiler]Only when the door opens some anticipation builds up. Too bad it doesn’t pay off, though the ghost trail looks neat.[/spoiler]




    [spoiler]”Ah, fudge on crap!” 😆 I loved that line.[/spoiler]



    Thank you for your comments. As you can tell, I’m a mess under time constraints, especially when I couldn’t use the full extent of the 24 hour period. Well, what can you do. Additionally, like most of my animation work, something always ends up with some sort of special effect element (i.e. bluescreen in practically everything in Lego Wars, lamp lights in MH episodes, masking with 9 elements, and the cloning of one single tree in 12 Pains).

    Those of you in chat during the last half hour of the contest know when I submitted my entry. It was brutally nonstop mayhem, twice the computer had to be restarted and (because of a last minute glance of the Contest rules), I had to change the ratio down from 720×480 to 320×240. The good thing that came out of it was the conversion. It went by quite fast.

    Here is the revised version (the one intended for the possible DVD). I’ll let the judges decide which version (original or revised) to base their decision on.

    rmvb 3.43 MB
    wmv 9.99 MB

    For this, I sacrificed hours to study for my Astronomy final. Got an 82/100. Was it worth it? I really don’t know…

    Edit: Just checked my final grade. A 96. Yeah, guess it was worth sleeping at 6 in the morning. 😀 :snore:



    How did I miss to comment on this one?

    I liked it very much, even the N s made me laugh. I loved the joke at the end. 😆



    I love filming with those little circular brick things. Great film



    Lol, we have the same light saber sound effect.
    The film was very enjoyable (I’ve never seen a Lechnology film that wasn’t actually) and despite the little miffs in the first version (I’m yet to watch the “fixed version”) it still turned out just as funny as your other films.



    I thought this entry wasn’t great, but wasn’t bad either. I didn’ t really find it funny.. but it was still quite amusing. Animation was pretty smooth, I didn’t see any problems with that…, but it did lack sound effects, and it kind of seemed not very suitable without much sound effects, but still, I enjoyed this film.



    Yeah, all I could do in the last few hours was find some saber sounds and line them before exporting. I also accidentally deleted a line, hence one shot where the Hero was wiggling about without saying a thing. Check the revised version if that will satisfy your day.



    [spoiler]Heh, pretty funny film, Lech.
    Is it just me, or is this a ten brick spoof?
    “Hey, why is my glow in the dark stick in my pencil sharpener?”
    “And who stuck a rod in my coke?” 😆
    I dunno what he said after that. I’m sure it was humorous.[/spoiler]

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