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    David West

    Well guys, THAC3 is now officially over. Congratulations to all our prize winners.

    Due to the fact that I only received a judges ballot from one other person, there were a few changes to the judging. First of all, the winner of the Judge’s Choice award was instead chosen by the Entrant’s choice ballots. Secondly, instead of using the two submitted judge’s ballots to award the entrant’s choice prize, only RevMen’s ballot was used to determine the winner. Since he is providing the prize, I thought it made sense to use his ballot to award it.

    The Results

    In first place, we have Sloth Paladin with his film A Night at the Pier.

    The the runner up position, we have Smeagol and his film The Pepperonis.

    And the Brickfilms DVD presented by RevMen will also go to Smeagol for his film The Pepperonis.

    Here is a list of the films and their overall scores, from highest to lowest. A more detailed chart with a full breakdown of scores in animation, cinematography, sound design, and story, as well as who gave what ratings, will be posted soon.

    112 – A Night at the Pier – Sloth Paladin
    100 – The Pepperonis – Smeagol
    98 – Flashbacks – Lord Of The LEGO
    97 – Arthur’s Legacy -Mindgame
    75 – Abduction – Nick Durron
    71 – Breakdown – Nathan
    56 – Deathbed Revelations – Krick
    50 – The Truth – Matt Gillan
    32 – divine interventions -ahnt
    28 – Stromausfal – Nichtgedreht
    15 – Reformation Day – Ryan D
    14 – Spontaneous Insanity – Night Owl
    9 – Inhibitions – Shale/Captain Bulldog/and TwoBit
    8 – Supercustodian – Ticket/Caffinator/1ceaham
    7 – Storyline Buildup – BertL
    5 – kwikicourt – brianfast
    2 – What Really Happened – yerman (Daragh Twomey)
    1 – The Day Crashed: What REALLY Happened – Legosjedi
    0 – Security – strange little people
    0 – carls little catastraphy – Steviecolli
    0 – What Really Happened to… – 34643464 (Empire Studios/Andrew Thompson)
    0 – Flebb Episode 1: What Really Came Out The Fridge – lego ninjas
    0 – Weird Junk. – skull brick
    0 – Rebels… – TwickABros
    0 – The True Meaning Of What Really Happened – Numbuh23 and Sparks Flying
    0 – 24 Hours Investigation – badgerboy
    0 – What “Really” Happened – NickMOC

    Here is a transcript of the awards chat:



    It seems my choice to win…er, won. Good job, Sloth!




    Eh, after tenth place nothing seems to matter. Everything sharply drops off after that.

    Congrats to the winners. I thought for sure Smeagol would get first.

    – Shale, who thinks it’s sad that almost nobody sent in Judges ballots.



    This is not right. Krick’s film did not win.

    I demand a recount.



    Good Job, Everybody! Congrats to Sloth and Smeagol especially.



    Congrats! This is almost exactly what I predicted.

    It’s interesting, every contest I enter in I place forth or higher.

    Here’s looking forward to next year!



    Congratulations to the winners. We had some decent films this year.

    Only one other person submitted a judge ballot? What’s up with that?


    lego ninjas

    0 points!!!! :twitch: 😥 😥 😥 :notimpressed:
    Sorry for the 5 smiles. But, good job to everyone.



    I just realized that our film got lower than the one about the dude who farted. Where’d we go wrong I wonder?



    You wrote the script. I’ll let all the blame rest on you.

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