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    “TwoBit” wrote: You wrote the script. I’ll let all the blame rest on you.

    You’re just sore because I made you sing a Shakira song.


    Nick Durron

    Whoa, I guess I completely forgot about the awards chat.

    Anyways, congradulations Sloth and Smeagol! While I don’t know if The Pepperonis and A Night at the Pier would have won with my ballot, they were my two favorite films, along with Flashbacks. My film placing fifth is better than I expected, considering how poorly made I think it is.



    Congrats to the winners! I was wondering how Spontaneous Insanity placed that high…

    Hopefully next year I’ll do better. Still… It was a lot of fun!

    Thanks David for putting it on.

    See ya,



    Wow! 🙂 I gave A Night at the Pier top place in three categories on my ballot, (though it was a difficult choice because of the high quality of many of the other entries) so I’m very happy to see it win. Congratulations to Sloth!

    Thanks to everyone who supported my film, and thanks to Revmen for the additional category and for donating prizes. Thank you David for organizing this contest.

    It’s unfortunate that there weren’t more judges ballots, but it’s really not surprising given the high level of participation in the community; most of the people who would judge normally submitted an entry.




    Congrats to everyone,

    unfortunately there are people with 0 points which I think nobody deserved, but I guess this is because of the rating system so nobody should be disapointed, it was very hard for me to chose which films to rate high in the ballot and there were only fife slots…

    Is it possible to get a differentiated list, where we can see how good every film in every category was? David, when you don´t want to do the ranking, just mail me the excel file or whatever you used and I do the rest.

    Cheers Arend


    Timothy Ratner

    Congrats to all who entered!


    Nick Durron

    On my ballot I gave Flashbacks and A Night at the Pier top place in two categories each, so they would definitely have been the two big winners. The Pepperonis placed second or fifth in two other categories, the only film to do so, which meant it would have come out third. Sounds about right, and remarkably close to the actual results.



    Well, if anyone’s interested, here’s what my ballot looked like:

    5. Night at the Pier – SlothPaladin
    4. Flashbacks – Lord_Of_The_LEGO
    3. Abduction – Nick Durron
    2. The Truth – Matt Gillan
    1. Deathbed Revelations – Krick

    5. Breakdown – Nathan
    4. Night at the Pier – SlothPaladin
    3. The Truth – Matt Gillan
    2. Spontaneous Insanity – Night Owl
    1. Flashbacks – Lord_Of_The_LEGO

    Sound Design
    5. Night at the Pier – SlothPaladin
    4. Stromausfall – nichtgedreht
    3. Reformation Day – RyanD
    2. Breakdown – Nathan
    1. The Truth – Matt Gillan

    5. Divine Intervention – ahnt
    4. The Pepperonis – Smeagol
    3. Deathbed Revelations – Krick
    2. Inhibitions – Captain Bulldog, Shale, Twobit
    1. Storyline Buildup – BertL




    A big thanks to David West for running another successful THAC, despite not being a daily visitor to the site. I think this is the most fun event at brickfilms. I’m serious about doing this more often; there are a lot of people (myself included) who wanted to do this but couldn’t. I might see if I can find some kind of angle to generate some good sponsorship or prizes for this thing. If anyone has any ideas, please share them.

    If you think about what’s involved, the quality of these films on average is pretty amazing. Despite being made in 24 hours, the top 10 or so films from this contest are higher quality than a significant portion of the films in the directory.

    For next THAC I recommend adopting a system similar to what we used for some of our previous contests with a set of nominees. This has a few advantages:

    1) Ranking films is much easier (ranking >20 films in 5 different categories… are you kidding me?), which encourages more ballots to be submitted. In addition to being difficult, judging was really a lot of work.

    2) No one ends up with 0 points. If you’re a non-nominee you stand beside the 15 other non-nominees and no one has to be last.



    I have two other comments,

    the rules say: the mod element has to be in every frame.
    I would like to change this into: the mod element has to be in every layer of every frame.

    We used a greenscreen, and after doing it I saw that we haven´t put a K or a green black brick combo in the first layer. Fortunately two of the handles look like the letter K, but that was just pure luck. I guess if someone is sinistre enough, he could film portions of the animation with green screen and just put the mod in the background. Not that someone did that, but if the rules exclude such thing already, it will not happen.

    The other idea that I had, would be to benefit the set building. Night at the pier had an amazing set and the cinematography really benefitted from that. Still I guess it was made beforehand. I have no problem with that since it was allowed in the rules, and anyway a good film is always better than a bad one, right? And in my oppinion this is anyway more about films than about winning?
    So maybe next time films with new created sets might get a bonus or instead of the four categories one for setdesign as well?
    I anyway think that most contests lag this category, and I honestly don´t know why. But I guess the rating was already difficult enough that another category would really be too much…

    Cheers Arend

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