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    No one’s forcing you to enter, you know.

    I realize that now and wonder why I posted that at all. Sorry.



    “Nick Durron” wrote: Judging would be much harder if the theme were different for different entries. I like the idea of the contest running for 48 hours or so, allowing animators to start at their leisure (to an extent), but I think the theme should be the same for all films. When we’re talking about this short of a time period, I wouldn’t be too concerned about cheating. There’s still the mod element.

    Yes, different mod elements are okay, but different themes are not.

    I guess since it is anyway 24 everybody has to face the same problem, either you get up early or you have to stay awake very long, either way, sleep deprivation included. And in my oppinion this gives it the extra kick!




    Well, it’s not likely that anyone can cheat with knowledge of the theme in advance of receiving the mod element, other than getting a script written. In such a case, if we still desire to keep the theme as unknown as possible until the date of the contest, then going with a limited time advancement for mod appointment would do. They still only allow 24 hours to animate, but have a chance to start at a different time.



    Brickfilms chat has major stability issues.



    Why do different themes make it harder to judge, if anything multiple themes would give the entries more variety which would greatly reduce the number of films with similar stories. I like these contests becouse they provide a burst of new content and having some verity would be great for the community. I really like the idea of having the contest start when you ask for a key word becouse that lets you get a good nights sleep which can really help an all nighter.

    Also, if multiple THACs happened would it become an official contest? I don’t know why it was not classified as ‘official’ this year as it is supported by RevMen and has been an annual event for the last three years.



    Well, i favour the idea about each person having a different mod, and i like the “Key word” thing, so that people can start their 24 hours when they want. However i dont think everyone should have a different theme, maybe 3 different themes, and then there is a random selection of themes for each person.

    If it was at christmas it would be great, as many people will have lots of new filming equipment, and lego, and time off. It would also be a good start to 2008. 3 THAC’s a year is good i think, Easter, Summer (Current date) and christmas.

    Also i think a discussuin thread should be made for the possible THAC’s, because this thread shouldnt be cluttered.



    I have a solution:

    THAC double feature

    We start one contest with a mod and a theme at the normal time, and 12h later the second one with a different mod and a different theme.

    So you can choose in which THAC you want to be! Or if you are nuts enough you can make two films THAC 4.1 and THAC 4.2 as a double feature!

    As a recomendation I would suggest themes that work together very good:
    Theme 1 love
    Theme 2 hate

    or something like that, because the themes have to be comparable. Than we can judge everything at once. Two different categories to judge would be way too much!

    What about that?




    I like it. Of course, that’s just one opinion.



    “ahnt” wrote: I have a solution:

    THAC double feature

    I like that idea. I don’t really support the idea of starting in chat, though; chat doesn’t work for me, even though I have Java installed. But THAC double feature is a good idea.

    But I don’t think the themes should be comparable, like love and hate. By seeing the first one, people might be able to guess the second one. Of course, they might not get it right, but love and hate is simple.



    Multiple themes aren’t harder to judge, logistically, but it makes it harder to judge from a fairness standpoint. When everyone is aiming for the same theme it’s great to be able to compare how everyone did in addressing it.

    Plus it’s actually really difficult to come up with contest themes. A lot harder than you’d think. David West does an amazing job at this, I hope no one takes it for granted.

    The reason THAC is not officially sponsored by is that it relies on the use of music and other material which is not totally legit from a legal standpoint. If I knew that everyone who entered would be using legal music and sound effects I would be able to make it official.

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