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    “RevMen” wrote:
    The reason THAC is not officially sponsored by is that it relies on the use of music and other material which is totally legit from a legal standpoint. If I knew that everyone who entered would be using legal music and sound effects I would be able to make it official.

    I know what you are talking about, I had a friend of mine composing the music for our THAC entry because of that. And a good friend of mine is working in the film industry, and suddenly you get a different perspective, when using “illegal” material….

    We also wouldn’t want our films to be “stolen” (even if nobody does that)…

    There is so few music that is good and usable and free, unbelievable, and in THAC when you are alone, forget composing….

    About the themes for THAC double feature:

    I can imagine how hard it is. But like someone above said, if you have themes that fit, one can guess them. So for THAC double feature (the more I think about it, the more I like my idea!) we would need two independent themes.



    Matt Gillan

    I really like the idea of having two different themes to fit in with different time zones. I had a lot of trouble coming up with an idea this time around.



    Hmm…I don’t know about having different mod elements and themes for different people competing in the same contest; part of the beauty of previous THACs is that everyone is given the same parameters and we get to see how different people include them.

    Also, I think there is an issue with the current scoring system in that it doesn’t currently include any points for theme, so if someone makes something with little or no connection it doesn’t suffer for this. I wish it were a little less top-heavy on technical categories.




    I think everyone is making this too complicated. The original system worked fine.



    It’s good, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be better.


    Nick Durron

    “RevMen” wrote: Multiple themes aren’t harder to judge, logistically, but it makes it harder to judge from a fairness standpoint. When everyone is aiming for the same theme it’s great to be able to compare how everyone did in addressing it.

    That’s exactly my reasoning, Rev. When judging the theme category, I compare how well each film did with the contest’s theme. With multiple themes, though, you’d almost have to judge each set of films separately, then try to find the best of both. There’s also the possibility of bias towards one theme or another by the judges.



    Congratulations everyone. Thanks for the 7 points. I had a lot of great fun with this year’s THAC. 🙂



    Why do you need to add a thumbnail picture? I never had to include a thumbnail image for my THAC entry. All you really need to do is get an image editing program such as MS paint or Adobe Photoshop, and make a still image from the film smaller.



    Where are links to the films ?
    God job every one


    Timothy Ratner

    “Rickard5” wrote: Where are links to the films ?
    God job every one

    Try searching the names of the films with the search feature. I am not sure if there is a complete list with a link to the films.
    I’m still waiting for THAC4 results.

Viewing 10 posts - 61 through 70 (of 70 total)

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