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    David West

    The fourth iteration of the Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest has begun. All important information on this page is in blue. Red text concerns film submission process and frequently asked questions. If you already understand the rules, there is no need to read the red text. Please refrain from posting in this thread, and keep all contest related questions in the other thread.

    You have exactly 24 hours from the time on this post to complete your film. Because of the two hour delay, however, the end will also be pushed back 2 hours. Go by the time at the top of this post.

    Once again, there are TWO Mod elements. A color based mod and a letter mod. You DO NOT need to use both mod elements. You can combine these mod elements in any way that you see fit, so long as at least one is present at all times. You could choose to use just the color mod or just the letter mod, you could choose to use both, you could alternate between scenes, or any combination of the above. All that is important is that at least one of the mod elements be present AT ALL TIMES.

    The color mod is a RED LEGO piece connected to a GREEN LEGO piece, or vice versa, in honor of the Christmas season. It MUST be a LEGO (or similar; Mega Blok, Best-Lock, etc.) piece connected to another LEGO piece; it cannot simply be two colors that are touching on screen or marks on a piece of paper. Any LEGO piece may be used to create the color mod so long as it is either red or green. The only exception to the rule is base plates. BASE PLATES MAY NOT BE COUNTED AS PART OF THE MOD ELEMENT. Mini-Fig parts are also acceptable. Green hand on a red arm, red legs on a green torso, green item in a red hand, etc. The shade of green does not matter so long as it is clearly distinguishable as a shade of green while it is on screen, and the same goes for red. Colors such as pink and maroon are acceptable.

    The letter mod is the letter “P”. Of course, it does not have to be portrayed as a “P”, it must simply take on the basic shape of a “P”. It could be rotated any number of degrees, disguised in a set’s architecture, etc. etc. etc. Other symbols that bear the basic design of the letter “P” are also acceptable. This includes the numbers “6” and “9”, the lower case forms of “b” and “d”, and even certain representations of the lower case letter “g”. As long as the letter, number, or symbol is recognizable as conforming to the basic shape of “P”, it will be acceptable. The upper case forms of “D”, “B”, and “G”, for example, DO NOT fit this requirement and therefore ARE NOT ALLOWED.

    If you wish for your film to be black and white, either stick with the letter mod or be prepared to present a color copy of your film in addition to the black and white version.

    In honor of the Christmas season, this year’s theme is “Giving.” How you interpret the theme is up to you. Your story could be a straightforward tale of gift giving, an action/adventure about giving ones life for a noble cause, or a comedy about a grump old man giving someone a piece of his mind. Just make sure that your story pertains in a recognizable way to some form of giving and you’ll just fine. And remember, how well your story relates to the theme will play an important part in how people score your film in the Story category.

    Submit your films to [email protected]. Include the names of everyone who worked on the film and a link to the small version of your film (3mb per minute or less).

    If you need hosting, send me an email at [email protected]. It will be set up as an auto-responder, and will send you a user name and password to an FTP account. If, for some reason, you do not receive the account information, send an email to [email protected]. I’ll be checking my email every few hours, and I will be at my computer constantly during the last few hours of the competition.

    The mod element MUST be included in EVERY FRAME of your film excluding those that are completely computer generated (basic credits, etc.). If your credits include video or pictures, the mod element must be visible there as well.

    Check the official rules for answers to any rule related questions.

    Any problems that you have or questions that are not answered in this post or the official rules can be sent to [email protected]

    As entries start to pour in, I’ll be updating this page with a list of all the entries that I have received.


    OK, this should be the final list of entries. 29 in all! Not a bad turnout at all!

    Night Owl/BertL/Frankenheimer Joint entry
    Jimmy Bob
    Munzapoppa Mini Movies
    CJ Studios
    Nick Durron
    Night Owl
    Steven Studberg
    Shale/TwoBit/Captain Bulldog joint entry
    Gay Rider

    If you submitted your entry before the posted time, and you do not see it listed, PM me and we’ll work something out.



    ugh i overslept…. :evil



    A note to everyone. has apparently been having some issues. Unless you have an account, please do not use until this contest ends. I will not be accepting new accounts today. I do not want to have more issues that it already has. Please, for now, use David’s hosting.

    – LegosJedi



    Good to know.

    -MMM, who already has an account, and doesn’t have to worry.



    I’m in.




    I’m not.

    But, to remain the nice and helpful guy I usually am, I’d like to add that the minimum length is 30 seconds.



    NVMD! Thank you so much Saulgoode that is the best idea ever! 😀



    Yes i can enter this time!!!!



    I just saw the price, cool yesterday I was at the Legostore and hold exactly that set in my hands thinking about buying it…

    Maybe I win it?

    Cheers Arend


    Sparks Flying

    If anybody needs female lines they can PM me, or probably catch me in the chat.

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