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    “TwickABros” wrote:

    Munzapoppa Mini Movies your films would be accepted if they had more of a story, I am sure.

    Yes. You should try something not in the modern day time period.

    I don’t think that’s the problem, Twick. Besides, I am working on a film with a better story. I thought the reason my films weren’t accepted was because of technical quality.

    But, don’t focus on my shortcomings. The only reason I made that post was to tell impey not to give up, not to whine. My jealousy was just a good example.




    wtf that sucks mine was 1000 better than jimmybobs…im really not happy at the moment

    Wow, that makes me feel great inside. :brick1: Thanks, everybody.



    My ballot was Rsteenoven’s first with ssi’s second. Most of them were good, and it was very close competition. Congrats to everyone!


    Yeah good job rsteenoven. 🙂



    Really, you guys shouldn’t be so upset over your score. I though all the films were enjoyable, and thats quite a feat, seeing as they were all from new members.

    So, whats going to happen to si665’s CD? Will it go to third, or first? Or neither, and Si will be forced to hold onto it longer?



    Thanks to Skull Brick for holding this contest, as well as those who submitted entries and to those who voted. I was very pleased to see the sharing of comments and techniques in the P&R threads for the contest’s films — I think this is one of the added benefits of having a contest.

    Congratulations to all the participants.

    Rsteenoven, I have some bad news for you in that my penguins have not yet returned from their sabbatical and the private detective I hired to locate them has also gone AWOL. When you PM me with the details of where your prize is to be shipped, perhaps you could propose some alternate pieces for which you foresee a need and I will try to provide an appropriate substitute.

    “Matt Gillan” wrote: And impey, you said you got a vote because you voted for yourself?

    To clarify, this was not the case. Impey did, however, receive some Second Place votes. In fact, I think all entries except one received multiple votes. That one exception may very well have been caused by my omitting his entry from the initial ballot, for which I apologize and am looking to make amends.



    Just got back home this morning (Monday) and saw this. Wahooo 2nd place, not bad for a 1st film and 1st competition entry, I am pretty chuffed with that.

    Obviously I don’t want to win my own prize that I put up for 2nd place, so logic dictates that it should roll over to 3rd place.

    So if Leonardo812 has a Windows system and would like the Lego Sound FX CD, he is welcome to it.

    Leonardo812 PM with the address you’d like this CD posted to. Not sure how old you are, so if you are concerned about disclosing your home address to me, then check with your parents and perhaps I could post it to their work address instead or something ?

    I am based in the UK, so if you are in the US then it will take a several weeks to arrive, I imagine.



    Leonardo812 PM’d me with this details, the CD has been sent to him and he should get in within the next week to 10 days. It was so light I was able to send it Airmail the post woman here said it should arrive in 5 days, but I think that might be a bit ambitious.

Viewing 8 posts - 31 through 38 (of 38 total)

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