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    You are all well educated on the subject of ” The Day Crashed ” and maybe even the thread of “The Day Crashed 2.0”.

    Well this is a bold step away from those two projects and im saying that we make a film about that day but instead of saying the incident was accidental, but instead say that it was crashed on purpose ,by a hacker orrrrrrr even by there being to many newbies lurking around and signing up for the sake of it!

    So I say we make a film about this. There is no definant storyline as of yet. But if this pulled of correctly this could be as good as the original (or if i even dare and say so my self. Better!)

    Post if you think this is a good idea :wink



    This is not a good idea.

    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

    I don’t think anyone would be interested. Like you said, we’ve got TDBC2.0 on the way, and LegosJedi already did a brickfilm like this for his THAC 3 entry. So there’s no reason for another brickfilm on the Great Crash of ’07. And this is forum is only for real community projects.



    😮 Well is that an idea or was that a film idea that was going to happen but failed due to lack of intrest. yes this may become a more action packed version of the original film, but hey everyone kind of, Note the Kind, like an action packed remake of another not so action packed film.

    Still Ideas on the board…



    Calm down… No ones insulted you.



    Who peed in your cheerios?


    Nick Durron

    Whoa… chill. This isn’t a life or death issue here, so there’s no need for the all caps and overuse of a single smilie. And no one really insulted you, IMO. Perhaps maggosh came across somewhat harsh, but he didn’t insult you; he merely said he didn’t like your idea, and didn’t think others would, which could very well be true.

    As for what I think of it, I’m of the same opinion as Lech. Such an idea would end up getting too complicated, and LegosJedi already made a THAC film with a similar idea relating to n00bs.



    Hey Eyes On Me… time to settle down. Know what I’m sayin?



    I think people should stop making modern day Community Projects and try other time periods. It seems to be getting boring. And yes, settle down.



    “TwickABros” wrote: I think people should stop making modern day Community Projects and try other time periods.

    I got an idea. How about a film that’s set 100 years in the past? I think that would be a good idea.



    How about more than 100 years. Like, Medieval? I like medieval sets.
    Plus, animating swordfights is really fun.

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