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    Welcome to the second Monty challenge.
    It will run from the of the month to the last of the month.

    This time the theme is… (drum rolls)
    “Chase the light”

    The rules are simple:
    -Your film must be based on the monthly theme.
    -It must be a Brickfilm.
    -You have to have made the film yourself. (but getting help or cooperating is okay.)
    -It is NOT a contest, there will be no prizes.
    -The theme is “brand less”, this is because not everyone have “Indiana jones”, “Star Wars”, “Friends”, etc. type of Lego. Example, The theme “Wokkie tango” or “Chima joist”, is a no go.
    But “Lord of Camping” or “Lord of the road” is okay.

    You may suggest themes, the ones accepted will be put in a hat-like-object and there they will stay until they are used in a monthly challenge. (but please do not flood the tread with suggestions. if you do I will have to regulate it.)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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