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    Welcome to the first Monty challenge.
    It will run from the of the month to the last of the month. This month being a bit shortened by outer planetary distractions. 😉

    This months theme is…
    “The mysterious thing”

    The rules are simple:
    -Your film must be based on the monthly theme.
    -It must be a Brickfilm.
    -You have to have made the film yourself. (but getting help or cooperating is okay.)
    -It is NOT a contest, there will be no prizes.
    -The theme is “brand less”, this is because not everyone have “Indiana jones”, “Star Wars”, “Friends”, etc. type of Lego. Example, The theme “Wokkie tango” or “Chima joist”, is a no go.
    But “Lord of Camping” or “Force of the ring” is okay.

    You may suggest themes, the ones accepted will be put in a hat-like-object and there they will stay until they are used in a monthly challenge. (but please do not flood the tread with suggestions. if you do I will have to regulate it.)


    I think my new film may fit this criteria of “The Mysterious Thing”. enjoy! =)


    That, was epic!


    Thanks Morten!


    Ninja Cat Studios

    Here’s one I’ve made. Enjoy!
    The Ugly Brick


    Ah, yes. The ugly brick, Ive seen that. 😛

    I’m glad y’all like this. I started the thread for next month a week early. So folks can prepare if they want to.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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