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    This is my entry for AP Wagner’s “Oldest Appliance Contest.” It tells the story of a man and his very old oven…once upon a midnight dreary.

    Running Time: 2 Minutes (the contest time limit)

    Film Download Page




    So good!!! Edgar Allen Poe style!
    That was totally awsome!
    I really enjoyd the special effects and the storytelling is wonderfull!
    A true masterpiece!…In my opinion…

    EDIT: What effect software did you use for the fire?…or was that a stock futage?



    Wow, Very nice!
    The image quality was sharp and the sets were very intricate. As is usual for a camera of such resolution, I noticed pieces of dust dancing around on the lead character in the final shot. So far this is my favorite of your films.



    Awesome film Smeagol. Great image quality and special effects (which I really wish I could do in Axogon Composer). Now I finally see what you were using the CGI model that you posted in the WIP thread for.

    Great job.




    Indeed. Excellent in most respects; some of the animation was a little choppy in places. Also, the narration seemed a little too rushed in spots and I couldn’t quite make out everything that was said. Still, the rhymes were funny, especially towards the end when they sounded sort of like the narrator was running out of ideas and having to come with them on the spot. The image quality was great, as were the sets and everything. Nice work.



    Very well done! I liked the narration, though I have to agree it did seem a little rushed at some parts. I thought the effects were well done too, as were the sets and animation.

    Excellent work, 5/5. 🙂



    Wow. Incredible, no more words can describe this film. Well there are more. But I’m still in awe….




    The file size and my internet make your smooth animation look like its at 7 fps. Thats my best complaint so…



    Wow. Great job, Smeagol. You have this unique story-telling ability through the medium of film. This one was a particular jewel. Very enjoyable.


    Nick Durron

    😆 Great work, Smeagol. The pacing was way too fast (though there was a time limit), but the rhymes were hilarious, and the visual effects excellent. The script was amazingly clever from beginning to end, which really made the film enjoyable.

    In regards to the atmosphere, the lighting wasn’t nearly as interesting half the time as it could have been.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 47 total)

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