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    Hello, world.

    Thank you very much for visiting this thread. In this, you will find not only download-links for my TLC-entry, but also some background information as well as some reviews. (In the future. Hopefully.)

    A Dangerous Calling (length: a little above 5 minutes) … Calling.rm
    13 MB … mrgraff.rm
    8 MB
    This version has been done my mrgraff, who is not only very polite and sacrificial, but also the winner of my personal “man of the year” award (and this even at this early stage of the year!). Thank you so much 🙂

    Please note that Stereo is important in this film, so my advise to you is to watch it with earphones. The thing doesn’t really get across with speakers.

    While downloading, please sit comfortably and take a moment to relax and read what I have to say about the film:

    It’s been more than a year and a half since I have completed anything concerning brickfilming. So many extremely well done brickfilms have been made in that time, and I was eager to animate something. Unfortunately, all my bricks are in my family’s house, so I can only animate in my holidays. Since I wanted to participate in the German literature contest “Steinerei 06” ( ) – which gives you the possibility to see your own brickfilm in the cinema – I needed something to get my ‘skills’ (note the apostrophes) back. The Ten Lines Contest was perfect – not only didn’t it instruct a certain theme, but it also allowed every inch of creativity one could ask for. Plus the time frame fitted perfectly, I had two weeks off for Christmas, I visited my family so I had my bricks at my disposal, and I could think of a nice script while I was still in London.

    Getting back in brickfilming was really hard. It takes a huge amount of discipline and patience to do everything carefully, to redo bad shots, to keep your attention on the project and not get distracted with anything else. Even with a relatively simple film like this. It’s like having to learn after you didn’t have to do anything for a month…
    I especially had problems with the lights and camera bumps. I fixed the camera, I fixed the lights, I told noone to enter my room to disturb my set, but nevertheless, there is always a slight bump and a slight change of light when I started another scene. You’ll see what I mean when you’re watching the film.

    Overall, I am quite satisfied with the film. I really had a lot of fun putting this together and actually finishing a film. It’s such a good feeling to watch the final version of the film, to show it to friends, to see them laughing or asking in awe “How did you do that?” I really don’t know if it is “enough” for competing in the higher places of the contest, but all in all I didn’t regret making this film. And that’s the most important thing, isn’t it.

    And don’t forget, kids: If the ground is shaking, it’s just the baseplate!

    And finally, a spoiler of another kind:

    [spoiler] Damn! I forgot to include a man being carried away by a robotic arm 😡
    And, I guess, next time I will have to bite the bullet and cast voice actors…[/spoiler]

    Have fun!


    Et voilà les lignes (?):
    [spoiler]1. I hope you kept the receipt.
    2. Now this is something you don’t normally see on a Sunday.
    3. You’re very clever, young man.
    4. And now for a refreshing beverage.
    5. I’m not gonna tell you if you don’t know.
    6. I’ll edit it in Photoshop.
    7. I can stop any time I want!
    8. We had spaghetti at our house three times this week.
    9. It probably prevented something worse happening.
    10. Well, what would you have done with it?[/spoiler]




    Yay! The Door makes an appearance! Your use of the lines was good, and the interaction between the two firemen was really funny. No offence, but different voice actors would really improve this film. The flying cup was cool!

    All in all, a good film! 🙂



    that was hilarious very very good!





    Thanks for your comments, guys!
    Yes, as stated in the start post I also think that different voice actors would’ve been better, but the problem with that is that I like to have TOTAL control of my projects. I want to do everything myself, or I won’t feel comfortable with the result. But I guess I have to change that for future projects…

    An Old Ore: [spoiler] Of course I didn’t do the shot in one go, I’m not patient enough for that. Sometimes you can see the camera bump a little bit and the light flicker a bit, this is when I resumed filming. As said above, I didn’t move the cam or changed the light, but you can always see when a new shot begins.[/spoiler]
    And another thing: Great to have you here, Old Ore! I highly respect your posts and opinions in the forums although you “just came in”, we need more people like you. 🙂

    What a pity I can’t download anything at the moment. Once I can I shall review your films as well.

    Oh, I have made references to three other brickfilms in this one. One has already been spotted by LotL, can you name the other two?



    I’ve watched this film about a dozen times now, and the only reference I picked up on was the one LotL mentioned. It was kinda hard to miss.

    I think I know the solution, I shall have to watch more brickfilms!



    “Holgor” wrote: Oh, I have made references to three other brickfilms in this one. One has already been spotted by LotL, can you name the other two?

    Are they references to your brickfilms in particular, or just brickfilms in general?


    After re-watching it, in addition to the Door, I caught: “Well, it’s a Sunday. Not much happens on a Sunday,” a direct reference to Out Of Time. I’m still missing the third reference…




    Funny! That was cool. That cup throwing was most skillful.



    That was great. I loved the “hope you kept the receipt” line. 🙂



    Interesting film. Some of the ten lines were well placed and I chuckled at times. Work on the music, the violin plucking needs some work. 🙂



    [spoiler]Not a technical marvel, but it was really fun to watch. The number jokes were hilarious![/spoiler]
    So yeah, great job, Holgor.

    “Timboh56” wrote: Work on the music, the violin plucking needs some work. 🙂

    Hehe, I think the music was bad on purpose, Tim. 😉

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