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    Ok, check out my video and tell me what you think. It’s just a quick sword fight, and it’s not my application. I’m still working on that, and will post it in the actual application post. You’ll notice the glitch I’m having problems with if you watch the time bar when it stops before it reaches the end and the video has already played through. Anyways, here it is:



    That was actually a good clip.

    Although you might want to work on keeping the camera steady and smoothing out you animation a bit more but you’re on the right track!



    you might want to work on keeping the camera steady

    Huh? I don’t see any wobbling in the clip. The zoom out was a bit unsteady, but that was it.

    smoothing out you animation a bit more but you’re on the right track!

    Thanks! My animation is usually smoother than that. I made that clip in less than 5 minutes.



    There was a lot of light flicker. The animation was pretty good, though.



    Yeah, I know. I can’t tell if the flicker is from my lamp or my camera. I don’t have desk lamps(though I will soon), I light my sets with a tall living room lamp. I’m pretty sure it’s the lamp, but I’m not positive. This only seems to be a problem with my QP9000. Once again, please help me with the post I put in the Hardware forum titled “Need help with hardware and software!”.



    How do I animate running? It’s the one thing I can’t seem to figure out. I am making my application and am almost done. Just this last thing and that’s it!



    Pretty much like a walk, but the figure is bent over and moves at twice the speed. Like, if your cycle has him moving a stud every four frames then your run should have him moving a stud every two frames.

    Experiment and get the basic principles down because if/when you get put on the animation team the head animator (director) will be telling you what walk and run cycles to use etc. so that they all look the same so don’t bother learning a specific cycle off by heart, just get the principle of animating a run and you’ll be set 😀



    Ok, I think I’ve got it. You’ll probably have my application somtime today 😀 !



    Alright, I’m a little behind schedule. I had a busy day today. But it will definitley be ready by tomorrow!

    Edit: Dang it :banghead: ! I had yet another busy day today. Mabye I’ll be done on Saturday.



    I finally finished :cheer: ! Tell me what you think and show me how I can improve(I know I have many flaws).

Viewing 10 posts - 11 through 20 (of 31 total)

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