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    Hello, party people.

    Trailer: OGG, Mirror | RM, Mirror | 2.6 MB, 54s.

    English: OGG, Realmedia
    German: OGG, Realmedia
    42 MB, 11.30min, play the OGG files with VLC.

    Or you can watch the streaming version on saulgoode’s nice TTC-page. There’s also another mirror for the OGG version available.

    Some set-photographs can be found here.
    While the OGG-version is a bit blurry (because of the mediocre Adobe Premiere MPEG encoder), the RM-version gets blocky and slows a bit down (I suppose also because of the Premiere-Realmedia-Export-Plugin). That can also be seen in the trailer. If you know of better export plugins for Adobe Premiere 6.5, please do not hesitate and tell me. 🙂

    And most important of all: Enjoy! 🙂
    Oh, and be aware that a flood of good films will flow into the forums soon…




    Downloading- I can’t wait!
    A very fun film! Animation is a bit jerky (was that 12 fps?) but the excitement more than makes up for this. I like how it shows the 2 outcomes, and how one thing does so much! Like I said, the fun factor makes this an overly enjoyable film! Great Job!



    The trailer compression was horrible.


    Animation wasn’t the best but it slightly improved here and there. Masking had no flaws, the story was hilarious. What got me was “Hey, why are there credits half way through the movie?” Now I know. a nice piece.



    Hehe, the downfalls of alcoholism.
    That film was awesome, especially the running scene. Your use of masking was superb, very imaginative and fitted in well. Lovely sets as well.


    Night Owl

    That was a really funny film.
    The animation wasn’t the best I’ve seen technically, but it was hilarious to watch. The part where the girl catches his eye as he’s running is priceless, as is the way he overcomes obstacles. The bloopers at the end were quite funny. They sort of took advantage of different ways of doing the gags.
    The music slightly bugged me, but overall, I quite liked this film.


    Nick Durron

    That was really funny. In the middle when the credits started rolling, I seriously thought they might go on until the end because they were going so slow. :wink The story was really original, as with all your films, and the animation was also good. It looked a little choppy, though.



    Thanks for your nice posts, guys! 🙂 I am a bit surprised that noone mentioned the bad timing of the second half and how everything gets repeated, at least that’s the main issue most people (friends and the people at have with the film. I guess you all noticed it or at least remember it now that I have mentioned it, but that’s interesting nonetheless.

    I uploaded the RM-versions (see the first post). As stated above the image quality is a bit crisper than the OGG-versions, but the picture gets blocky in fast scenes. Now you can choose the lesser of two evils 😉

    Oh, and Night Owl: Your avatar is the funniest I have ever seen here!



    Haha excellent twist at the end! Overall an enjoyable film.



    Wow. That is great animation. Very nice story. Though the first credits did go a bit slow.

    Very, very nice. One of the best films I’ve seen in a while.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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