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    Hey guys, wassup, fishbowlbob here, and guess what?
    Phil and Bob are back!
    If you haven’t seen my video Phil’s new car, then you probably don’t care. BUT, if you did, then you probably still don’t care.
    I need voice actors for their next brickfilm!
    And the positions open ARE Phil and Bob.
    It was just too confusing to have me do both voices, it was hard to tell who was talking, it made reaction shots impossible, and no matter how I rework their voices, it either sounds like me or really dumb.
    So, auditions are open!
    If you want to voice Bob, the sensible one, then email me a clip of yourself saying:
    “Phil, where did you get that??”

    And if you want to voice Phil, the goofy one, just email me a clip of yourself saying:
    “But Bob, there are so many advantages to having a car!”

    There you go!
    fishbowlbob97@yahoo.com is where you email me, and have fun!

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