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    Hello all!

    I’ve been asked rather often about a prequel I was going to make for The Wars of Darkness Part 1 and 2 (both on YouTube). As it stands, I don’t think it will ever be made, but here is a sum up of it’s plot.

    After a brief narrative from Azlodon (a scribe of the guardians) describing the world of Arcaeden’s origins and what the celestial beings actually were, it starts with King Allindor’s wife giving birth to Prince Samuel. Briefly he’s ecstatic about his newborn son, but then notices his wife lost too much blood while giving birth and she passes away. While the other world leaders try to console him, he falls into a deep depression and begins to despise his own son. He begins to drink heavily and lashes out at his friends and his son. Samuel being roughly the age of 10 has no idea of what was happening and begins to develop his own anger towards his father and humanity in general thinking they were all the same.

    Eventually, Allindor has his counselors executed for questioning his aggression towards his family and friends and the soldiers that would’ve fought to the death for him and their country. He then seeks out different lands past Garan Tur and Azgrun and discovers a mage from a nation called Kaldesh, who because of his apparent intelligence and the ability to control animals of war, decides to appoint him as his exclusive advisor. However, Arkhan was corrupted by an ancient demon race that no one thought existed, and through his dark master Selavast (disguised as another mage called Thaddeus) was able to convince Allindor to accept him as his second advisor. Arkhan then began placing dark corrupt magic in Allindor’s drinks and he completely lost his sanity and became paranoid about everyone except Thaddeus and Arkhan.

    He then declares war on Garan Tur, leading to the deaths of most of Azgrun’s population. Previously, he had convinced his lifelong friend King Dagnith of Garan Tur to join him in the war with Azgrun, saying they were power hungry warmongers. After a vicious battle called the Battle of Armoton breaks out, Dagnith kills a child thinking it was just Dwarven Mercenaries he was fighting. Not child soldiers. Dagnith then pulled his nation out of the conflict and swore to never kill a human again.

    Meanwhile Selavast began regrouping his forces for an intended purge against Iandol (Allindor’s kingdom) to wipe out any human that was not under the curse that Selavast was spreading.

    Allindor’s madness stretched far, and was convinced by Selavast to eradicate the Dwarves and any other races that could pose a threat to him.

    This led to the invasion of the lesser demons (orcs) to begin the purge in Iandol and to kill every Dwarf in existence. While trying to hold off the orc attack at Athemoore (the Dwarven capital) their king was killed and the entire race was basically destroyed.

    As the purge in Iandol was continuing, several of the King’s former generals tried to step forward to stop Selavast before their race was also wiped out. One, General Marcumson was especially knowledgeable of combat and was able to hold a bridge leading to Garan Tur where he instructed Prince Samuel to lead the remaining survivors out of Iandol and into Garan Tur. While Samuel was able to lead his exodus, Marcumson was shot by an arrow and torn to pieces.

    During all this, Dagnith and his wife were ambushed by Orcs at a glade in Garan Tur, and was astonished that the legends were true. That the pits of Ashkolath (hell basically) had reopened and the world was becoming flooded with terrors of an ancient time. His wife is shot by an orc and dies in his arms, where he begins to realize that every nation was deceived by essentially the devil (Selavast).

    Iandol’s exodus finally makes it to Garan Tur, but Dagnith has become hesitant to trust any of them, but remembers Samuel as a child with a traumatic upbringing, and remembers Allindor before his fall to darkness so allows them to stay and vows to help them defeat Selavast.

    -That’s more or less the plot. And to anyone that read this, thank you for your interest and happy brickfilming! 🙂


    James Brandon

    Nice plot. Waiting to visually see it.

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