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    We’re Looking for a few Great Mods!

    Dear BrickFilmers.

    Iā€™m posting a thread to find a few GREAT moderators for BrickFilms.com.

    Your task will be to:

    – Monitor all forums to ensure civility and that rules are being observed
    – Kill SPAM – delete spam users and their comments
    – Review films for appropriateness / suitability for a General Audience
    – Publish Films upon your approval

    Payment: No payment at all ladies and gentlemen, you do this for the sake of our community šŸ™‚

    Contact: Please post directly here to this thread if you are interested. (If you want to stay anonym and want details, then write me a PM)



    I’ll do it.



    I am on the internet from 3PM-10PM GMT each day. I will be glad to do it.


    I am on as the same time as Vinny. I will be glad to do it. I love Brickfilming and this community is fantastic! So, I would definetly do it for the community and for Brickfilming! šŸ˜€



    Vinny & Will – I’ll be getting in touch – thanks



    Hi guys I’m Brickin and I’m new to brickfilms.com and I may not have a lot know a lot about stop motions but I hope you guys will like my channel me and my family will do our best to impress you on my movies and shows and I will try my best and hey sing me up for this community.



    Sure! Why not?



    I’m a good moderator. I’ve been an admin for a whole private forum since 2011. However, I haven’t had much experience on this particular site, so yeah. Consider me as a volunteer!


    Nick Douglas

    I can do it!



    Sounds neat. I’ve been a mod on some other sites, so I have a little experience. Only, I won’t be here too often.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 12 total)

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