What motivated you to become a Brickfilmer and what Keeps you Going?

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    Hey’all! Why and what keeps you going? Any quirks and habits you’d like to share?



    Oh my bad… the thread title is kind of silly with the misspelled word. Anyways, kindly share your stories so that others can draw inspiration from you 😉



    I have no idea what it is. Sometimes I’ll just be sitting doing some homework when I’m struck by the irrefutable knowledge that I will do some brickfilming before the day is over. Then I’m unstoppable for a little while, until everything else I do comes back into the foreground and I leave it for a few days until I’m struck by another burst of inspiration.



    Thanks for sharing your story Izonator!



    While I’m currently at a point of artistic stasis, I’d like to comment on why I made a 4 hour Brickfilm since a few people have asked me. One, because it was fun despite the challenges, and two because when I was younger I absolutely loved stop motion animation such as Claymation (which is what I used for all my special effects). Brickfilming is considerably easier than Claymation I’ll admit, and you lose some dramatic effect if that’s the angle you’re going for, but seeing your work come to life ‘onscreen’ made the work/effort completely worthwhile.



    A 4 hour Brickfilm!? You’re kidding, right? I hope your production values are up there with Lord of the Rings or similar, because otherwise no-one is ever going to make it to the end…



    It’s made with Lego Studios so the visuals are rough and it’s also 9 years old. Again it was just for fun, and if anyone wants to see it (it’s in 2 parts) there are links in my profile.



    Im Motivated Because Im Wanna Upload Fast As Possible.



    A lot of things keep me going. I think bringing something to life and seeing the results is what does it.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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