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    I thought I’d start a topic on what gear you use when filming.

    As a filmmaker who also makes short films, I have a lot of equipment. Some I use for SM and the rest just goes on films, dramas, documentaries etc.

    Anyway, here is my list.

    Canon 70d
    Canon 600d
    Canon 70 – 200 lens
    Sigma 150 – 600 sports lens
    Sigma 18 – 200 Lens
    Samyang 35mm Cine lens
    Canon 1.8 50mm lens
    Canon 75 – 300 Lens
    Canon kit lens
    Macro tube
    Dolly track
    Flycam 5000 (never used it)
    Tascam DR -40 sound recorder
    Rode NTG 2 Shotgun mic
    Sony wireless lav mic UWP
    Sony EMC 77 mic
    Sennheiser Freeport Lav mic
    Red Head lights
    Apature LED lights
    LED light (no brand)
    Work lights
    Camera cage with Matt box etc
    Lilliput monitor 7inch

    Props include:
    Full UK police uniforms
    Ambulance uniforms
    Numerous prop weapons

    Other Gear
    Field monitor
    6 core computer
    Mixing desk

    Dragon frame
    Sony Vegas Pro 12
    HitFilm 2 ultimate
    After effects
    Numerous plugins

    I know I have a lot of gear, but as I stated most of it is for short films etc. and it’s taken me years and a lot of graft to get it and with any hobby it’s ever expanding.


    Thats… More than body sized duffel bag can hold right? 😛

    I use the Olympus PM1
    A tripod, a remote by wire, shutter.

    A desktop lamp from Ikea.
    The Kitchen table.

    Improvisation tools when needed.
    Steelwire and cutters.
    Paper, knife, cardboard.
    Glue. Super and hot.
    Sticky tacks.

    Samson Mini go USB mic for audio recording. Music creator LE 5 for editiong sound.

    Photoshop 8,
    Virutal dub.
    W Movie maker. For editing the pictures.
    Evernote – for organizing documents and ideas between my devices. (pc, smartphone, PDA.)

    (choclate milk- the guildty pleashure.)



    Have you ever tried Sony Vegas Pro instead of WMM? It’s far bette….



    I use a camera with a tripod and a table. Quite advanced right? I use WMM to make pictures into video sony vegas pro for video editing/sound. Oh! and I use my brain occasionally as software to set up sets ;).


    I may look into that, Garyjayuk. I am a “happy go lucky” animator type, So budget wise there wont be any to speak of. 😛

    May try the Webcam a test if I find a “USB cord thingy” that makes the cord longer. Would make my job so mych simpler if i could use the Framegrabber.


    Onecras Films

    Interesting to see what everone’s equipment is! Here’s what I use:

    Canon T3
    18-55mm 3.5f
    50mm 1.8f
    Desk lamps
    Colorized lights/ Lego lights

    Adobe Story
    EOS Utility
    After Effects
    Premiere Pro



    Woh…… Hold on a second. Did you say you use your brain? Well done dude, mine just rattles around inside somewhere.

    Those brain things are highly over rated sometime I think. 🙂


    Brains are SO last season. I found the cord extender thing. 🙂


    Ninja Cat Studios

    I use:
    -Two Lamps

    -A Dresser

    -A metal chair

    -Legos 😉

    -An Ipod touch 5

    -An app called Stop Motion (With paint and green screen.)

    -Poster Board




    I just shows how you can make films with either lots or little bit of equipment.

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