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    Here’s your chance to get a free Movie Trailer Voice Over for your film. How? Just enter it. Just go to
    to enter by July 4, 2009. On July 4, I will choose the best based on the trailer and the script. Then I will do the voice over for the trailer and send it back to you via the method you choose, except Pony Express.
    I have not put as much effort into this as I would most projects including the Trailer for the winner. This was done in one take and the voice is Dry(no effects added) over a generic backing sound, but you get the idea.
    As the video says there are no rules old or new, any genre, Just keep it to trailer length, and PM it to me by July 4, 2009. There are however the same old laws that apply to everything else with regard to copyrights and age restrictions etc. don’t break them OK.



    Only 3 days left and it is wide open submit your trailer
    Remember it does not have to be new!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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