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    Sorry for the cryptic title, but I don’t really want to spoil the fun just yet…

    Here’s the download – tell me all about it!




    In short,

    (as it is 12:26am and i have to get to bed)

    Excellent animation, your best yet! And very amusing.

    It felt a bit too long for the actual ‘words of wisdom’ themselves though.

    More detail in time!


    Full review now posted below



    That was very nice, Wanderer!


    It had a nice story, progressing like it did;{1} from the hunting the elephant, to meeting his friend, to seeking shelter, to building a fire… and then, the point of the proverb. I was actually very engaged, wondering what the wisdom at the end was going to be.

    *End Spoilers*

    In all, a very nice job.


    {1} Creating a good story is something I envy a lot of you greatly… it is one thing I can not do for the life of me. You did a fantastic job.



    Wow! Wow indeed! Very nice!

    Not only the water (haven’t seen a brickfilm yet with real water!) or the “flying” things like the bow or the snowball were outstanding, even the voices and the “Arrg” and “ugh”-sounds made sense. For example “brr!” for “it’s cold!”

    I guess it was an annoying task to build the snow-varnished rock. Good work!



    Okay.. this was way fun.

    Your water thing is awesome.. I watched over and over trying to figure out how you were making the water drip with the moving elephant in the shot. And the elephants movements were perfect!

    The running, talking, movements.. all extremely well done. The mountain climbing is perfect, that tossing the bow up and hand up at the end are great.. but maybe I’m seeing it wrong, but was there no snow on the ground when they went IN to the cave and snow on the ground when they run OUT a few moments later?

    The fire thing is great.. sounds, movements.. totally fire.

    I was kind of surprised at the words of wisdom at the end, tho…I was expecting something to do with all the stuff we’d seen up til then.

    This was really great… how long did it take you to film this?



    I liked your mountain. Pretty neat! 🙂



    Did you do that by masking around the ball and moving the camera progressivly closer to the ball?

    “A Magician never tells his secrets”



    It looks like it could be real water. 😕



    The presentation aspect of this film is really great. Animation, set design, cinematography, water effect snow, ect.

    It all seems a little wasted for such a short simple (but extremely funny) proverb though.

    But we already learned that “time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time”…

    I enjoyed your movie immensely! 😀



    *** spoilers all the way through this message! ***

    The water’s real. It’s pumped up from the basin below to the top of the waterfall by a tiny water pump that we happened to have lying around. In the full-screen version (which hasn’t been uploaded yet), you can see the interlacing: the water, of course, didn’t keep still to pose for the camera.

    There were just some supporting wires, pillars of bricks and (in the case of the snowball) a pen removed, using BSOL. The snowball actually came down the actual mountainside, held up by the pen that stuck into it, and was held by the other end in my hand (see my avatar). It’s one of the few shots I ever had to do twice before it looked good. Luckily, it was animated quite quickly.

    As for the movement in the snow: you just have to be extremely careful. Put your tweezers under the figure and gently push him up. Had to make sure he didn’t come loose before the snow was added.

    Note that the “Yabba-dabba-doo” scene was done in 2 goes: first the fire, then the jumping cavemen. I put them together using BSOL. It’s a trick I learned from Jay that makes life quite a bit easier. The next shot was taken in one go, though.

    Snow in/out the cave: there was supposed to be a scene for the inside of the cave as well. But while I was filming I decided to cut it, and replace it with only a sound effect, partly to reduce the length of the film, and partly because it would work better (I think). They are supposed to stay in the cave for some time, during which the snow falls. The original “dialogue”:

    “Ah… that’s better!”

    *low rumble*

    “Did you say anything?”


    How long has it taken me? A rough estimate would be some 40 hours, including everything (set design, washing the snow off afterwards, storyboarding, editing, etc.)


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