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    Ok, let’s go !
    I’m surprised though that movies are publicly released before the final
    judgement, but ok, I’ll make up my mind :wink

    I have no public link to send yet (my file being lost with the Great Crash) – but I promise I’ll upload it Monday !



    Ok, I’m very late compared to others movies but here is the link :
    (RealVideo, 6.5Mo, 1:57)
    (Quicktime, 11Mo, 1:57)

    Feel free to criticize, spoil, send subcriptions… 😆

    EDIT: New links and Quicktime version



    This was really WOW!!

    I was amazed when I saw the first shot.

    The set looked very 😮
    The camera technique was very good, lot’s of movement’s.
    The chromakeying is bad. in the still shots you colud make a masker which you could make fine in photoshop.

    Everything was good inthe movie and it was pretty funny, the openig was hilarouis, very well made.

    Good luck, I wish you to reach the top 1.



    I liked this film a lot, mostly for one reason: when Mr. Monk was flying around breaking windows, you did some audio voiceovers that were hilarious. It really added to the overall effect of it all.

    The only thing bad abouy this was the very high bitrate. My machine is fairly slow and so it skipped a lot, so I couldn’t get the full effect of all the flying around.



    Ok, I think I’ll encode a new version of the movie resulting in a lighter file and resolving the “interlace” problem than can be seen on some frames (a consequence of Vegas encoding options). I’ll encode also a Quicktime version.

    For the moment, I’m writing a making of Monk that will be released in some minutes on my website, along to a link to the movie. Warning, it will contain definitive spoilers…
    I’ll post pictures of the set too in some days on my website too.

    Keep reviewing it please ! 8)

    EDIT: Stefan’s review
    Title (if applicable): Monky Business
    Proverb: L’habit ne fait pas le moine
    Synopsis: A monk suddenly appears to be a sword fighter.

    Good stuff: I love the opening titles, especially the accent put into the words. The closing as well… moose training?! The movements of the monk reminded me a bit of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Only the sounds he made didn’t.

    Room for improvement: The bluescreening has yet to be perfected: there’s a dark border around the objects that shouldn’t be there. Furthermore, for compression you used a strange intermediate codec (before putting it through Helix Producer): something like DV, perhaps? There’s interlacing present, and this doesn’t help the quality of the film forward…



    Ok, two new versions are avaiable now, check out the 2nd thread of this topic for direct links.
    Movie has been deinterlaced and encoded in a lighter Real version (6.5 Mo) and
    a new Quicktime version (11Mo).

    Hey reviewers, wake up ! :mrgreen:
    I wouldn’t like to be the only one who post here 😥



    but of course you won’t be judged on these new versions… because that wouldn’t be fair that you could fix problems after entries have closed.




    Lowweek, I love this film, it has great music, teh bluescreening could have been better, but most everything is great! The compression wasn’t so good, but I see you fixed that!

    Great Stuff Lowweek! :wink





    The special effects were nicely done. The animation was great. The Interlude was hilarious. Everything looked great, except for the shots before and after the Interlude. There were a few black spots on the picture. I’m not sure what caused them, but they weren’t very distracting.

    *end of spoilers*

    An amazing first film. :woo


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