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In this compilation, we find Homer Simpson who walks in the city of Springfield and passes next to a cemetery where zombies come out of the graves. Homer takes refuge in a building full of weapons of all kinds and suddenly he thinks he is Rambo.

Lego animated film.

Brickfilm made by adding 1964 photos. Some scenes of this stop motion at a scrolling of 200 photos per second (scene of the exploding head) and others at 100 frames per second, but overall I’m working the animated film at 12.5 fps.

#lego #simpson #zombie #brickfilm #stopmotion #animation

Then the second stop motion is a brickfilm with Bart Simpsons who still decided to make his father, Homer Simpson, suffer.

Homer goes shopping at the Kwik-E-Mart. But Bart will give him some surprises on the way. From the start, he destroys the car, then a surprise gift, and finally a good shovel.

Stop motion of lego composed of 1600 photos.

#lego #simpson #brickfilm #homer

And to finish an animated film on yellow vests. I did this lego stop motion to show what could have happened with the yellow vests and why so many stopped.

We can of course find yellow vests, vehicles, pedestrian crossings, vehicles passing at the pedestrian crossing while there are yellow vests. The police chatting with the yellow vests. But there is also a colorful colonel, a prefect, a guy from the infiltrated bac, assaults by the police, burrs, the media, and black blocks.

Hope you like it and remember this is only an animated movie and not reality.

#brickfilm #lego #giletsjaunes

Thanks for the voices to:

@gaudriole production

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