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0 Comment October 4, 2018

LEGO Star Wars XXVII: The Last Fight Trailer (Official)

Tao Rakoto is the last Jedi Master. He trained several Padawans to restore Jedi order and thus maintain peace in the galaxy. But Ramshali, one of his Jedi apprentices, has joined the Dark side of the force. She exterminated all the other Padawans.

Since then, he has felt guilty and hid on the planet Stridam. Ramshali meets Tsukam, a sith who shares her thirst for domination. With a Machiavellian political strategy, they overthrew the Republic and founded the RAMKAM empire. They are desperate to kill Tao Rakoto in order to dominate the galaxy forever.

Thanks to a mysterious informant who calls himself Gambetta, the RAMKAM Empire finally knows its position. Empress Ramshali and Emperor Tsukam lead the final assault…..