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0 Comment November 29, 2018

Lego WW1 Battle for the Isonzo River

The Great War, 1917. Veteran German officers are sent to the Italian front to relieve the slavic defenders, but with a new Italian assault breaking the front lines, they’ll need more than discipline to overcome the odds. This film focuses on the events of the spring of 1917, during the tenth Battle of the Isonzo River during the first World War. It centers around 3 German officers in a military mission to the Julian Alps, and is the first lego ww1 Brickfilm of it’s kind to feature the central powers as the protagonists, feature Austria-Hungary and Italy, and the first lego WW1 brickfilm to exceed 10 minutes in length. It was filmed from September 2017 to November 2018, a year of work. After 9 unsuccessful battles for the Isonzo river, Italian commander Luigi Cadorna feared major German intervention and, with the support of Allied commanders, launched a massive offensive for the tenth time, this time in tandem with Allied assaults on the western front. The battle saw massive casualties on both sides, with 150,000 Italian casualties and 75,000 Austro-Hungarian casualties. Written, filmed, and edited by Wes Morrison