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0 Comment March 13, 2018

LEGO Zombie : ” Miracle”

“Miracles happen to those who believe in it”
The Centre for Disease Control have invented the Cure for Cancer. But it had a disasterous side effects…It turned people into Mindless Cannibals. This is a Story of one 28 years old Single Mother( Claire ) and her 10 years old little boy( Evan ) trying to survive the Zombie Apocalypse with the Help of ” Scarface Radio “( Which is ran by Army Private ). The Radio encourages other survivors to not lose Humanity and instead Co-operate with other eachother. Claire and Evan grows to love the Radio Show due to it’s positivity. To them the ” Scarface Radio ” is Hope, and Claire is a huge fangirl of the Host ” Private Scarface “and she also think that it is good for her child.However … a world full of Mindless Cannibals( Zombies ) there are also Looters, Murderers waiting in the Shadows… What will happen to Claire and Evan ?

Created By Legoman’s Film