BrickCon – An Adult LEGO® Hobbyist Event held each October at the Seattle Center

BrickFair – LEGO fan festival for children aged 5 to 95, is coming to DC in August 2009. We are in Tysons Corner, Virginia, just outside Washington DC, and a short hop to our two neighborhood LEGO stores!

Brickfest – A Lego Convention in Portland Oregon

BricKids – A LEGO convention for kids 10-15

BrickVention – Brickvention is Australia’s premier LEGO convention.

BrickWorld – An event created by Adult Fans of LEGO (AFOLs). The event is divided into two sections; one for registered attendees and one for the general public. Both sections of the event support our motto: Share – Learn – Explore – Discover


Free Stock Images – A stock images site.

Government Copyright-free Images – List of Public Domain Images.

LDraw Compatible Resources

DATHeader – Tool for maintaining the new LDraw parts header format.

Isecalc – Isecalc utility computes the intersection line of two sets of triangles or quads. Each set is provided to the utility as separate LDraw files. A third file containing the intersection lines is created.

LCX – Description: LCX is an unsupported Cocoa LDraw editor. It was created for a Quartz Extreme demo at the 2002 WWDC. It has some major missing features, but is somewhat usable.

LD4DStudio – LD4DStudio is a realtime interface driven animation editor for LDraw. You can create all kinds of animations, from ‘simple’ walking minifigs to complete movies.

LDLink – LDLink is a script that can “merge” or “unmerge” separate LDraw part libraries by creating or removing symbolic links in one library to the files of another.

LDLite – LDLite is a Windows-based replacement for LDRAW, and can be integrated with your browser to view DAT files while surfing the web. I created LDLite as an open-source alternative because LDRAW would not work in more than 640×480 resolution on my machine. Along the way, and with help from half a dozen programmers from the LCAD list, it became 10 times faster than LDRAW, easier to use, prettier to look at, and now supports an extended syntax with support for MPD files.

LDPara – LDraw paraboloid primitive generator. Given the name of the output file, radius, depth, rotation step, and radial step, it generates a paraboloid in the output file.

LDraw Add-on (LDAO) – LDraw Add-On (LDAO) is a general-use shell and editing program for LDraw DAT files. At the most basic level, it can be used to simplify launching LDraw and LEdit. LDAO also provides a browseable Visual Element Catalog, to make it easier to locate specific LDraw parts.

LEGO Digital Designer – Description: The designer, also known as LDD, is a free virtual design studio for PC and MAC OS X created by the LEGO Group. It’s targeted at kids and novice users. Once you’ve finished your model, you can order the bricks from the LEGO factory and show off your design in a online Gallery.

Linetrim – Note: the job of Linetrim is done much better by my new Intersector utility. I suggest you use it instead.

MLCad – Description: MLCad (Mike’s LEGO CAD) is a CAD system specially designed for creating building instructions similar to those produced by LEGO.

OLC – Optional Lines Calculator adds optional lines (LDraw line type 5) between polygons of a LDraw file.

SR 3D Builder – A brand new 3D Lego editor and viewer. Latest version released on 2008.08.21 Automatic connection detection and animation for gears and hinges and many other features! Simple as LDD, compatible with lDraw part definition.

txt2dat – This program allows you to choose any scalable typeface, and create a LDraw file containing a representation of any string in that typeface. It is useful for generating custom text-only stickers for inclusion in LDraw models.

Voxel3D – Description: Voxel3D is a voxel based 3D modeler, it is very easy to use.


Animation Magazine – an online magazine dealing with the technology and art of animation in all its forms.


Brick Shelf – A place to upload any of your LEGO® related content, The Brickshelf Gallery service is to showcase LEGO® fan created content. It is only suitable for items related to LEGO® products, services or of “general interest” to the LEGO® fan community.

From Bricks to Bothans – Star Wars themed LEGO® community.

LUGNET – International LEGO Users Group Network, global community of LEGO enthusiasts. LUGNET unites LEGO fans worldwide through forums, web pages, and services – Share your LEGO® creations.


Anasazi Stop Motion Animator – Simple, easy and free also known as “SMA” this little program us a superbly useful tool for capturing you animation. The Onion skinning feature is particularly handy.

Bricksmith – Bricksmith is a full-featured model editor for Mac OS X 10.3 or later. Bricksmith provides a spinnable 3D model view, a fast, comprehensive part browser, easy access to the full color palette, and inspectors to tweak part components.

iStopmotion – iStopMotion is the premier Stop Motion Animation and Time Lapse Capture tool for Mac OS X. Based entirely on modern Mac OS X features, it offers a high level of functionality while staying mean and lean.

LDraw – is an open standard for LEGO CAD programs that allow the user to create virtual LEGO models and scenes. You can use it to document models you have physically built, create building instructions just like LEGO, render 3D photo realistic images of your virtual models and even make animations. The possibilities are endless. Unlike real LEGO bricks where you are limited by the number of parts and colors, in LDraw nothing is impossible.

Sound Library

BrickFilms: Accent Sounds – BrickFilms AccentSounds Package

BrickFilms: Footstep Sounds – BrickFilms Footstep Sounds Package

BrickFilms: Fun Sounds – BrickFilms Fun Sounds Package – Broken

BrickFilms: Indoor Sounds – BrickFilms Indoor Sounds Package – Broken

BrickFilms: Music Clips – BrickFilms Music Clips Package – Broken

BrickFilms: Outdoor Sounds – BrickFilms Outdoor Sounds Package – Broken

Brickfilms: Action Sounds 0 Brickfilms Action Sounds Package

BrickFilms: Science Fiction Sounds – BrickFilms Science Fiction Sounds Package


Audio Network – A network of sounds.

Bargas Sound Library – Sounds from an independent film company based in the South West of England with its hub located in Frome, Somerset.

Find Sounds – Another fantastic audio finding resource… it’s kind of like Google for sound files, and nothing but sound files. This place has saved me from headaches and hassles dozens of times.

Sound Dogs – Hundreds of thousands of sound files. You need a particular, specific, sound effect? some Royalty Free Music? Samples and Loops? Vocals ? chances are you’ll find it here. Searchable by category, very handy.


Brick Link – premium venue for individuals and businesses from all around the world to buy and sell new, used and vintage LEGO® through fixed price and auction services.

BrickArms – Offering building-toy compatible custom weapons, weapons packs, and custom minifigs.

Peeron™ – LEGO® Set Inventories