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0 Comment December 15, 2020

RONIN’S REVENGE | Lego Stop-Motion (Short Movie)

– A child finds himself alone, after having lost his family because of the intrusion of a mysterious person with a red saber, in their house. When he wakes up, no one. A few years later, he became a ronin, he has only one goal: revenge.

– Here is my new stop motion animation movie with Lego. Watch until the end it’s important!! – I started filming on April 31, 2020, for more than 7 months, but I’ve been working on it for more than 9 months already. Discover a part of a great adventure, in this short film made up of tens of thousands of photos and more than 1000 different takes.

Softwares: Dragon Frame 4 (Stop-motion), Pinnacle Studio 20 (Video making)

Photos : Webcam logitech C920, iPhone 7 (with the app for Dragon Frame)

And a lot of lego haha