Ways to capture

Digital Remote Still Capture

Frame Grabber Software

Manual Picture Taking

Not long ago, animators didn’t have the luxury of immediately seeing the images they were capturing. Now there are many different methods for connecting to your computer. That way you are able to immediately see your pictures.

Though it is useful, it is not completely necessary to connect your camera to a computer to see your images as you go. However, this blind method is difficult as you cannot track your animation. If you choose to capture your images this way, try to use a remote control to take your pictures. Many times pushing any button on your camera will move the camera, and even the slightest movement will show.

Webcams already come with the necessary software to capture your pictures using the keyboard. They will capture the pictures and put them into a folder where you can view them as you go.

Many cameras come with remote capture software. *PICTURE* Essentially it acts the same as a webcam and you are able to manipulate the controls on your camera from your computer.

Choosing Stop Motion Video Frame grabber software is similar to choosing a camera. There are many options and it is hard to say what is the absolute best.

Frame grabbing software is one area where you can download a program for free or purchase software. Frame grabber software offers a place to complete your entire animation. From capturing, to editing, effects, to exporting; everything can be done. When choosing software, make sure that your camera is supported. Also, many of these programs are for either MAC or Windows. Basically, make sure that any program you purchase is the right fit for all your equipment. Some even have a free trial – which makes them even more economical.

List of frame grabbing software with links:

MonkeyJam http://monkeyjam.org/

Stop Motion Animator http://www.clayanimator.com/english/stop_motion_animator.html

iStopMotion https://boinx.com/istopmotion/mac//

StopmotionPro http://www.stopmotionpro.com/

I Can Animate http://www.kudlian.net/products/icananimate

Dragonframe http://www.dragonframe.com/

Stopmotion Maker http://www.stopmotionmaker.com/

Animator DV http://animatordv.com/

Stop Motion Station http://www.stopmotion-software.com/

IkitMovie http://www.ikitmovie.com/

Stop It http://sites.google.com/site/stopitsoftware/home

Frame Theif http://www.framethief.com/features.html